Welcome to Klim Global   Overview  

Klim Global is an enterprise with a global foothold in the key business sectors across India, Russia and CIS countries. Our expertise and innovation is backed by sound technical knowledge and a wide network of people. Our priority remains keen insight in delivering clients satisfaction and success. In today's world we understand the importance of identifying the emerging trends driving the businesses. There is a constant need to adapt one's positioning, operational models and culture accordingly to the demands..We believe in investing a lot of energy in building a comprehensive roadmap towards achieving what we set out for. We blend creativity, strategy and technology to make a perfect business tool. Our strength lies in prompt and flexible service and adherence to business ethics. With a young team of professionals we are working around the clock towards achieving dynamic, yet responsible growth.


Klim Global is an integrated group with diverse skill sets and wide capability range . The business model presented has been well researched and reviewed and is modeled after years of established practices and success. We understand that marketing is especially important to maintain growth and market penetration. Our approach is strategic in nature, turn key from planning to implementation, feedback and review. We strive towards creation and implementation of effective business strategies in small business and larger corporate settings. Klim has a team of talented and qualified professionals comprising Business Advisors, Executives, Managers and Communication Experts who have strong fundamentals in strategic planning and operations. Our premise of work not just includes building business and operating strategies, but also, helping implement them in the required way thus ensuring a strong focus on the goals and the drive to achieve them in time. We also work with experts on various issues related to maximizing business opportunity for our clients.